• World Hand Hygiene Day and our "Hour of Happy"
    Tue, May 05
    Online event on
    Getting closer to World Hand Hygiene Day and our "Hour of Happy" virtual event with Engineers in Action on May 5! Join us to talk about the importance of hand hygiene and water access around the world!
  • EIA Annual Fast
    Fri, Oct 04
    A determinar
    With your help, we can continue to partner with communities to build water systems, bridges, sanitation systems, and other critical infrastructure facilities that will improve community health and create sustainable livelihood opportunities.
  • The University of Oklahoma International WaTER Conference
    Mon, Sep 16
    NCED Conference Center & Hotel
    The International WaTER Conference Banquet and University of Oklahoma International Water Prize Award Ceremony will be held Tuesday, Sept. 17 at Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.

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